Kurmi Collection

A selection of vibrant printed fabric samples on light satin, giving the design a beautiful shimmer and shine. These fabrics were carefully made using a range of different printing methods such as screen printing and heat press.







A collection of woven fabric samples inspired by the Medicine Man exhibition at the Wellcome Collection and the Kurmi Market of Kano, Nigeria. The idea is to combine a collection of objects which have both aesthetic and personal value. I have carefully selected a variety of textured materials both found and specially crafted in order to give the fabrics the look and feel of the environments in which they were inspired.

IMG_5451 copy

The warp threads and yarns were hand dyed to get the perfect shade of colour, staying true to my research of the vibrant Kurmi Market. The yarns on the weft of the weave were selected to match the mood of the setting in the Medicine Man Exhibition.





Many young girls wonder what their place in the world is. They ask what their place in society is and why they often feel inferior. In numerous underdeveloped countries such as Nigeria, women are still trying to discover their voices. This work is a celebration of African women; The aim is to celebrate the unsung Heroines of Nigeria, more specifically to show gratitude to the women in my life who inspire me today. This work is also my way of paying homage to the Chibok girls that were kidnapped as a result of the failures of the Nigerian government and society when it comes to female rights and education.

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