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London Modest Fashion Week!

Hi guys!

I got the pleasure of attending the London Modest Fashion Week (#LMFW) and thought I should share my¬†experience. I’ve always been a fashion enthusiast, however, recently I’ve gone out of my way to embrace the frenzied realm that is the¬†fashion industry. I now appreciate and have a better understanding of the work, effort and determination it takes to get your work out there. The beauty of this event is that both emerging local designers and¬†international brands,¬†hosted by¬†Haute Elan, were able to showcase their work.

Here’s a little OOTD before we get to the real event:



Scarf: Habiba Da Silva // Top: Zara // Jacket: Hollister

Over 40 brands from all over the world showcased their modest collections on the exclusive catwalk at Saatchi Gallery. The event included a day of exclusive shopping, runway shows, photo-booth, workshops, as well as talks with various influencers.



There was a wide variety of lovely clothing lines and exciting designs to look at. It was so refreshing being able to choose anything from such a large range of options: everything was modest, comfortable and totally unique.


It wasn’t just a clothing event, but an all round celebration of islamic creatives. There were artworks, as well as jewellery. Essentials such as Hijabs were also being showcased by¬†Luna’s Essentials. They had the loveliest Rainbow Qurans i’ve ever seen.

Day 2 – Meet & Greet!

On the second day, I got to meet the fashion bloggers Dina Tokio and Ascia AKF. I’ve looked up to them for so long and finally being able to meet the both of them was¬†so¬†surreal. I have to say, they were just as delightful¬†and charismatic¬†in person.

Overall, it¬†was a great experience. The LMFW is definitely an event worth going to, whether for shopping purposes or if you’re just in need of a little bit of inspiration.



Scarf: Accesorize  // Top: Promod  // Jeans: TopShop  // Boots: Nordstrom  //

Bag: Louis Vuitton  // Jacket: Hollister