Create Your Own Fabric Design – DIY

Hi Guys!

Here’s a fun DIY project on how to create and ‘fabricate’ (LOL) your own fabric design. First and foremost you have to come up with a design. The best patterned fabrics, especially for beginners, are those with bold yet simple shapes or symbols. These symbols look even better when repeated on the surface of the fabric. For example, you could decide you want a shape – perhaps a square shape. When applying the shape to the fabric, not only can you create multiple square shapes, but you can also use different coloured inks to transfer the shapes onto the fabric. The big question is however, how does one transfer their desired design? There are two easy ways to go about this. You could either go with mono print or you could use a thick tape like I did. Here is a little step by step demonstration of how I made my own fabric design:

  • The fabric: I believe my fabric was a mix of cotton and polyester. you van use any fabric of your choice but I would recommend splurging on silk and satin for this project. I think ‘rougher’ fabrics would do a better job. Just choose a plain fabric preferably a light colour so that your patterns show.


  • My chosen symbol – Due to my heritage, I chose an ancient African symbol which means strength and vitality.
  • Deciding on the application method – I tried using mono print, which is basically when you apply ink to acetate (transparent ‘plastic looking’ paper) and use a roller to evenly distribute the ink before placing your fabric on it and tracing your desired pattern. I though this was a bit of a tricky process because the ink would go everywhere and it could take a long time for me to trace and repeat my symbol all over my fabric.





  • Having tried out mono-printing and finding that it wasn’t for me, a friend recommended that I use a thick foam tape to create a stamp. I made my symbol using the tape as can be seen above. Others use potatoes to carve up their symbols and shaped but I thought using the tape was the easiest and most efficient way to go. Having sorted out my stamp, I proceeded to horizontally stamp and apply my symbol to my fabric.


  • You should be careful not to stain other parts of the fabric so that the finished look is seemingly professional. Make sure to clean your hands of any excess ink that may  cause unwanted stains (if possible). I managed to stain a bit of my fabric but seeing as I was going over it with a different colour anyway, it wasn’t too detrimental.



  • I chose to repeat my stamped symbols all over my fabric, but this time using a yellow ink instead as I felt that it would be a lovely contrast to the black. Overall, I was super pleased with the finished design. It was a relatively easy process for me and it hopefully will be for you too if you decide to give it a try.

FullSizeRender 4


FullSizeRender 2

Note: This is a part of a Fashion Project I took part in during my time at the Central Saint Martins Orientation to Art and Design Course. A review of that will be coming soon so please keep an eye out for that. Thank you and till next time!


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