London Modest Fashion Week!

Hi guys!

I got the pleasure of attending the London Modest Fashion Week (#LMFW) and thought I should share my experience. I’ve always been a fashion enthusiast, however, recently I’ve gone out of my way to embrace the frenzied realm that is the fashion industry. I now appreciate and have a better understanding of the work, effort and determination it takes to get your work out there. The beauty of this event is that both emerging local designers and international brands, hosted by Haute Elan, were able to showcase their work.

Here’s a little OOTD before we get to the real event:



Scarf: Habiba Da Silva // Top: Zara // Jacket: Hollister

Over 40 brands from all over the world showcased their modest collections on the exclusive catwalk at Saatchi Gallery. The event included a day of exclusive shopping, runway shows, photo-booth, workshops, as well as talks with various influencers.



There was a wide variety of lovely clothing lines and exciting designs to look at. It was so refreshing being able to choose anything from such a large range of options: everything was modest, comfortable and totally unique.


It wasn’t just a clothing event, but an all round celebration of islamic creatives. There were artworks, as well as jewellery. Essentials such as Hijabs were also being showcased by Luna’s Essentials. They had the loveliest Rainbow Qurans i’ve ever seen.

Day 2 – Meet & Greet!

On the second day, I got to meet the fashion bloggers Dina Tokio and Ascia AKF. I’ve looked up to them for so long and finally being able to meet the both of them was so surreal. I have to say, they were just as delightful and charismatic in person.

Overall, it was a great experience. The LMFW is definitely an event worth going to, whether for shopping purposes or if you’re just in need of a little bit of inspiration.



Scarf: Accesorize  // Top: Promod  // Jeans: TopShop  // Boots: Nordstrom  //

Bag: Louis Vuitton  // Jacket: Hollister 

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